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      Atrius safe

      Safes from the French company Fichet-Bauche series Atrius are designed for the most reliable protection of documents and valuables. ATRIUS safes provide the owner with a high level of security when storing the most important and meaningful things for him, whether it is registration and financial documents or any other assets. High reliability of this equipment is confirmed by European compliance certificates.

      Burglary resistance: Grade V in the ECB-S system (European certification body – DAkkS (Germany).

      The body of the safe consists of two sheets of steel, each 5 mm thick, the space between them filled with a super strong high-tech material called “Gradium”.

      The patented multi-layer protection for the wall and door of the safe (the inner six layers are made of 8mm thick steel bars).

      Reinforced latchbolt system.

      A single 8mm thick active ledger in the vertical plane over the whole height of the safe makes it impossible to cut it or kick it out.

      Locks are protected against drilling, burning out and beating out by a special hard metal plate.

      The Atrius safe is equipped with a combination of the MxB-B high-security key lock and the Nectra Basic (Fichet-Bauche) electronic code lock.

      The electronic Nectra level B/E lock generates over 110 million different code combinations and is highly functional. The standard version has 1 master code and 7 user codes, wrong code locking, time delay and a compulsion alarm.

      The electronic code lock allows 6 to 8 digits in the code combination. After the third consecutive attempt to enter an incorrect code, the safe lock automatically locks for 5 minutes. The locked state is indicated by periodic flashes of the red indicator.

      Battery life 1.5-2 years. If the battery runs out, it must be replaced by first sliding the protective cover on the bottom of the lock.

      A certain combination can be entered to lock the lock and the locking time can also be adjusted (up to 24 hours).

      The lock is adapted and suitable for connection to an external alarm system with silent alarm function.

      The MxB-B key lock has an innovative shape and design that makes key replication much more difficult.

      One removable, height-adjustable shelf (two storage areas).

      When opened, the door extension to the right side is 70 mm.

      External hinges allowing the safe to open the door 180° without blocking the safe’s door opening.

      Designed for anchoring to the floor (5 mounting points) and to the wall (one point). Anchor bolts are not included.

      Warranty on the safe for 1 year.

      Available: mechanical+key, electronic+key.
      Can be equipped with a DFX deposit head for depositing funds.
      DXF from Fichet-Bauche is a range of A2P-certified rotary deposit heads providing burglary protection for cash an valuables’ deposits in your office, bank or retail environment.

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      Motorised security booth for internal or semi-external installation HiSec6

      HiSec is a security product in the Gunnebo Turnstiles offering. The HiSec2 6 SP has a transparent and elegant design offering a choice of security levels preventing
      tailgating and piggybacking. The double leaves set, allows for an increased trough put

      The doors are always locked shut in the rest position. An authorised signal opens the first door allowing the user to step into the booth where a presence is detected. When
      the first door is closed, the second door opens, thus allowing the user to pass through. The second door shuts after the unit has been vacated which also resets the system.

      The HiSec detects with an electronic ultrasound sensor if more than one person is present inside the booth. The booth is set with a predetermined, but adjustable antihostage threshold. As an authorised user stands in the booth, it confirms acceptance of the occupant and
      authorises the door to close. Should the measured volume presence not be authorised, i.e. more than one person is present non-permitted big additional baggage, a vocal synthesiser will ask the occupants to leave the booth. An additional left object sensor is able to detect on the
      floor the presence of an object of the size of 50x50x30mm.

      The HiSec is equipped with a electronic safety features that reverses the motor to re-open the door upon detection of an obstruction. The door fully opens to allow the obstruction to be removed after which it attempts to re-close.

      Technical Specifications
      Motorised security booth that is connected to a ratio motor
      operated by a direct current engine with regulated speed.
      Electronic frame along the profiles and safety torque

      Structure: Embossed painted steel section powder coated
      finish RAL color 9006
      Glass: Lite: 11/12 mm laminate Safety Glass P4A BR1/S (in accordance with EN356-EN1063) – Safety Manifestation on moving glass doors
      Bullet proof: 26/27 mm laminate Safety Glass P6B BR3/S (in accordance with EN356-EN1063) – Safety Manifestation on moving glass doors
      Ceiling: Laminated HPL finished Pearl Grey

      Base Plate: High-strength laminate with finishing in colour Plumb Grey

      Sliding door: Printed frame in polyethylene terephthalate RAL 7040

      A low voltage light is positioned internally on the ceiling.

      The HiSec booth is equipped with a ultrasound system which determines if more than one person is present inside the booth.

      Power Failure / Fire Alarm
      In the event of a power failure, isolation or after the BBU has been depleted, the outer, un-secure door will fail safe, i.e. unlocked and can be manually pushed open. The inner, secure door will fail lock and is held in place via a lever system situated behind a locked panel above the door on the secure side of the installation. The inner door can be manually opened by rotating a knob located behind the lockable service panel in the top mechanism section of the booth.

      • HS6L SP 12 mm glass
      • HS6LM SP 12 mm glass, metal detector

      Metal detector
      Alternative finishes
      Demountable version kit
      Horizontal transportation kit
      Fail safe opening
      Left object sensor
      Contact mat
      Weighting Sensing Upgrade
      BR2 / BR3 / BR4 – EN1063
      RC2 / RC3 – EN1627

      • Premium high speed passage solution
      • Elegant design
      • Reliable performance
      • No architectural browser ”base only 20mm”

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      Sliding panel speedgates SpeedStile FP

      Key Specifications

      • Models: BA, EV and DS
      • Panel Heights: 1.0m, 1.2m, 1.8m
      • Passageway: Standard 550mm – cabinet width 300mm, Wide 900mm – cabinet width 490mm. Combi–centre cabinet with combination of 550mm passageway and 900mm passageway
      • Finishes: Alternative finishes and materials (only for BA and EV), DS series finishes and materials
      • Indicator: LED Way Mode indicator (only for BA and EV), LED lighting effects (only for DS)
      • Pictogram: Yes, only for BA and EV
      • Interfaces: RS485 interface (only for BA and EV), COMR1 switching interface (only for BA and EV)
      • Integrations: Card reader, lift screen (only for BA and EV)
      • Back-up: Battery
      • Counter: Digital LCD
      • Control Systems: Remote
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      Stamp watch PIX-200 pre order

      The PIX-200 stamp watch is a multifunctional electronic stamp watch that meets the needs of a modern enterprise.

      The PIX-200 stamp watch has a wide range of characteristics and additional options. This watch is perfect for both simple registration of working hours and for more complex tasks. functions:

      • Time synchronization by radio

      • Automatic transition to winter / summer time

      • Large digital display

      • 4-digit PIN for security

      • Battery to store memory and settings

      • 31 print formats: Print format of the year (2 or 4 characters), month, date, time (12 hour format or 0-23 hour time format), minutes (regular, tenth, hundredth), seconds, 8-digit number and comments

      • 13 selected comments (Received, sent, etc.)

      • Printout of comments (up to 3 lines)

      • Serial numbering with automatic reset function

      • Adjust the print position

      • Top button for manual printing

      Additional options:

      • Full power reserve (72 hours or 400 perforations)

      • External alarm devices, 20-week programs

      • Ethernet LAN synchronization with NTP server

      • USB port for programming

      Easy to use:

      • Highlighted print window to improve print efficiency

      • Password prevents accidental change of settings and unauthorized adjustment of data in the fingerprint

      • Lock on the housing prevents unauthorized access

      • Accurate real-time clock synchronization with atomic time function

      • Easy cartridge replacement saves time

      • Possibility to install a stamp-clock, both on a wall, and on a table Technical characteristics

      • Dot matrix printing

      • Supply voltage 100/120/230 V AC 50/60 Hz

      • Permissible ambient temperature From -10 ° C to + 45 ° C

      • Permissible humidity 10% ~ 90% (without condensation)

      • Dimensions (H x W x D) 163 x 159 x171 mm

      • Weight (without additional battery, adapter) 2.2 kg

      • Independent memory 3 years of appointment

      Car services (registration and time accounting of workers)

      Construction companies (accounting and time registration at facilities)

      Transport companies (on waybills)

      When keeping records of visits to various institutions (on the patient’s card)

      In beauty salons

      In various government agencies (schools, kindergartens, etc.)

      Cartridges for this model are also available

      Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine – free of charge.

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      The Evolis R5F008EAA YMCKO colour ribbon is guaranteed to print vibrant images, ultra-sharp text and precise barcodes with its high-quality, full-colour ribbon and a protective layer of clear overlay. The ribbon can produce up to 300 single-sided or 150 dual-sided quality print outputs.

      • 300 full-colour prints per roll
      • YMCKO ribbon (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Black and Overlay panels)
      • Card lifespan of up to 3 years

      Manufacturer part number: R5F008EAA

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      The Evolis Primacy Expert card printing machine is ideal for printing any form of full-colour photo ID cards in seconds. Evolis is a leader in the use of recycled materials in their products where possible to reduce CO2 emissions and power consumption of its printers with an ultra-efficient prolonged standby mode. Due to its high capacity card feeder and output hopper, this allows for convenience and is the best solution for creating personalised staff and student ID cards.  Available in single-sided and dual-sided versions, it is the best choice for businesses wanting to print medium to large-sized batches.

      • Available as a single and dual-sided ID card printer
      • Prints up to 225 single-sided full-colour cards per hour
      • Edge-to-edge printing
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      A double-door safe for secure cash transfers based on the Millium range. Its modular design allows it to adapt to all types of installation constraints.



      • A2P certification as per EN 1143-1 (grade ll/E).


      • EN 1143-1 certification eguivalence for models in grades l/E, lll/E and IV/E.
      • MxB key lock.
      • Variable Lagarde lock on the external door (optional).
      • Integrated seismic and electronic alarms.
      • Anchorage kit supplied for models below 1,000kg (as mandated per EN 1143-1).



      • Metal pedestal (adjustable in height).
      • Façade with or without protected trap door (in compliance with CIT regulations).

      Optional positioning of hinges: right side (PDI) or left side (PCI).


      Interior capacity (litres) 140
      Exterior height (mm) 615
      Exterior width (mm) 555
      Exterior depth* (mm) 827
      Weight (kg)
      Grade I 364
      Grade II 391
      Grade III 409
      Grade IV 456
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      Millium safe

      Fichet-BAUCHE’s Millium is a classic security solution in a compact size. Millium has a range of certified anti-burglary safes (A2P and EN 1143-1) for storing valuables and documents.

      The variety of locking systems allows you to tailor the safe to your needs.

      Warranty on the safe for 1 year.

      Available: mechanical+key, electronic+key.

      Burglary resistance: Grade III in the ECB-S system (European certification body – DAkkS (Germany)).

      Can be equipped with a DFX deposit head for depositing funds.
      DXF from Fichet-Bauche is a range of A2P-certified rotary deposit heads providing burglary protection for cash an valuables’ deposits in your office, bank or retail environment.

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      An extensive deposit and transfer system designed for secure cash exchanges between retail stores and CIT operators.


      • A modular “three-in-one” solution ensuring deposit, transfer and storage functions at the same time:

      –           Deposits via the DFX head

      –           Transfers to the Millium DFX safe,

      –           Storage of deliveries via a protected trap door.


      • A2P certification as per EN 1143-1 (grades l/E, ll/E and lll/E).
      • Anchorage kit supplied for models below 1,000kg (as mandated per EN 1143-1).
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      Safe AF II for documents

      Anti-Burglary Protection

      As a primary secure storage solution in the office, AF II cabinets protect your documents from unwanted access and theft. All models are tested for compliance with the most rigorous standards.



      • 2mm-thick steel-sheet body with RAL 7040 powder coating finish.
      • Double-panelled door for reinforced protection (overall thickness: 65mm).
      • Compliant with Defence Ministry specifications (grades C and B as per IGI 1300).


      • Doors locked with 4 rounded bolts (20mm in diameter) and a rear bar on the hinge side.
      • Automatic relocking system in the event of an attack (grade B mechanical relocker).
      • A2P Fichet-Bauche lock as per EN 1300.
      • Forced locking on grade B models.


      • Easy to access as doors can be opened to 180*.
      • Interior fittings: removable shelves and key racks.
      Models AF II 25 AF II 45 AF II 75
      Interior capacity (litres) 210 363 70S
      Exterior height (mm) 1050 1050 1770
      Exterior width (mm) 568 975 975
      Exterior depth* (mm) 472 472 472
      Weight (kg) 85 120 186
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      A silent (no fan and a Solid State Disk), compact and low power solution for all the connection needs of a Branch of a Qmatic Orchestra.


      Hubs are placed in local Branches and communicate with the central server and all the Qmatic hardware at the local site, for example printers and displays.


      The Hub functionality is licensed. At least one of



      is required for operation.

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      Notes 2 917 series can show three characters. Perfect as a  workstation Display or as a small Information Display.

      With Notes 9 series you can:

      • Show the called Ticket Number on a Workstation Display
      • Show numeric information such as Waiting Time and number of customers in line

      Display called Ticket Number, Workstation Number and direction of the Workstation on two stacked Notes 9 series

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      Intro 8 G2

      Intro 8 G2 is a network ticket printer designed for Orchestra.
      The 8-inch colour LCD capacitive touch screen with a built-in web browser makes it possible to display a wide range of information.
      The built-in web browser can display information from any standard web server together but is optimized for use with Orchestra

      Intro 8 G2 can be licensed to run the local system with Orchestra Distributed Operation.


      Ethernet connection
      USB connection
      8-inch colour LCD capacitive touch screen
      Built-in web browser
      Thermal print head, no ink or toner
      Supports all Windows fonts

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      Manual Cashier

      Manual Cashier

      The Manual Cashier is a staffed cashier system offering the exact same possibilities as the Pay Stations above. Typically, it consists of a touchscreen, a cash drawer and a receipt printer. However, multiple add-ons are available to fulfil various local and individual needs. QR ticket scanners and validator machines are just some of the numerous possibilities. Small operational tasks like monitoring alert or opening gates can also be carried out using the Manual Cashier.

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      Automatic PayStation

      Automatic PayStation

      The Automatic Pay Station allows for easy payment of the parking spot, but can equally be used for selling renewal and multiple use tickets. The Pay Station starts from a uniform design which can be extended with standard or anti-vandalism locks, extra tools for DDA compliancy, and so on.


      Integration with fiscal printer Datecs FP-320,

      Ingenico iUP250LE card reader – iUC250

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      Entry, exit devices

      Entry, exit devices

      These devices make sure drivers can easily enter and exit your parking lot. On top of the default functionalities like VoIP intercom and receipt printers, they can easily be extended.


      Credit card option (pay on exit)

      QR Scanners (reservations, APP, Discounts)

      For easy registration of reservations or discounts in the customer’s mobile app

      IP based Automatic Number Plate Recognition and/or CCTV camera technology

      For increased security of your parking lot.

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