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    • Automatic depository Gunnebo SSA

      A revolution in safe deposit lockers

      Discover the advantages of SafeStore Auto

      24/7 accessibility

      Customers have access any time and don’t need any staff assistance during retrieval or deposit of valuables

      Highest access control security

      Multi-layered authentication through a crypto memory card, pin code and biometric fingerprint scan.


      Three unit options with different locker sizes and colour configurations that seamlessly integrate in any self service area

      SafeStore Auto: See how it works.

      Observe the complete process, watch the user authentication, the automated deposit box collection and the disinfection module in action.

      Guide Offering

      A free comparison guide

      Review the differences between automated and conventional safe deposit locker services.

      A guide for private investors

      Evaluate the suitability of automated safe deposit lockers as the ideal investment opportunity.

      State-of-the-art technology for user authentication

      Currently, the most secure protection against unauthorised access to lockers, e.g. via skimming attacks, is the use of a triple combination of crypto memory card (CMC), PIN code and biometrics. The crypto card in particular offers a much higher level of security compared to a classic magnetic stripe card.

      Both the SafeT card reader at the entrance to the deposit locker and the terminal at the dispensing unit can be equipped and upgraded with this technology for user authentication.

      Варіанти розмірів

      SafeStore Auto Mini

      Automated safe deposit locker system for a quick installation in small and narrow or temporary self-service areas

      Compact self-service locker system for always on-availability

      SafeStore Auto Midi

      Automated safe deposit locker system for medium to large self-service areas, without requiring a pre-built vault

      24/7 self-service locker system without compromising top-level security

      SafeStore Auto Maxi

      Automated safe deposit locker system for large self-service areas on multiple floors, including basement and cellar


      Control access to highly secured areas

      Access control unit, designed to protect your high-security self-service lobby, including safe deposit lockers and cash depositing services

      SafeControl Store

      Smart and efficient management of all SafeStore locker systems

      SafeControl Store is a single portal connected to your entire network of Gunnebo and non-Gunnebo safe deposit locker systems.

      Disinfection Module

      Ensure a hygienic environment in any self-service area

      State-of-the-art, software-controlled disinfection technology that sterilises the air and surfaces in private rooms of self-service areas before granting access to another person, controlled via the SafeT access control unit

      Application Areas


      Private Service Providers


      Office Buildings