Safes from the French company Fichet-Bauche series Atrius are designed for the most reliable protection of documents and valuables. ATRIUS safes provide the owner with a high level of security when storing the most important and meaningful things for him, whether it is registration and financial documents or any other assets. High reliability of this equipment is confirmed by European compliance certificates.

Burglary resistance: Grade V in the ECB-S system (European certification body – DAkkS (Germany).

The body of the safe consists of two sheets of steel, each 5 mm thick, the space between them filled with a super strong high-tech material called “Gradium”.

The patented multi-layer protection for the wall and door of the safe (the inner six layers are made of 8mm thick steel bars).

Reinforced latchbolt system.

A single 8mm thick active ledger in the vertical plane over the whole height of the safe makes it impossible to cut it or kick it out.

Locks are protected against drilling, burning out and beating out by a special hard metal plate.

The Atrius safe is equipped with a combination of the MxB-B high-security key lock and the Nectra Basic (Fichet-Bauche) electronic code lock.

The electronic Nectra level B/E lock generates over 110 million different code combinations and is highly functional. The standard version has 1 master code and 7 user codes, wrong code locking, time delay and a compulsion alarm.

The electronic code lock allows 6 to 8 digits in the code combination. After the third consecutive attempt to enter an incorrect code, the safe lock automatically locks for 5 minutes. The locked state is indicated by periodic flashes of the red indicator.

Battery life 1.5-2 years. If the battery runs out, it must be replaced by first sliding the protective cover on the bottom of the lock.

A certain combination can be entered to lock the lock and the locking time can also be adjusted (up to 24 hours).

The lock is adapted and suitable for connection to an external alarm system with silent alarm function.

The MxB-B key lock has an innovative shape and design that makes key replication much more difficult.

One removable, height-adjustable shelf (two storage areas).

When opened, the door extension to the right side is 70 mm.

External hinges allowing the safe to open the door 180° without blocking the safe’s door opening.

Designed for anchoring to the floor (5 mounting points) and to the wall (one point). Anchor bolts are not included.

Warranty on the safe for 1 year.

Available: mechanical+key, electronic+key.
Can be equipped with a DFX deposit head for depositing funds.
DXF from Fichet-Bauche is a range of A2P-certified rotary deposit heads providing burglary protection for cash an valuables’ deposits in your office, bank or retail environment.