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    • Ticketless LPR parking solutions Entringo

      The “Entringo” system uses technologies of automatic license plate recognition (LPR – License Plate Recognition) to identify vehicles entering the parking lot.

      The main components of “Entringo” ticketless parking include:

      • License plate recognition cameras.
      • Barrier.
      • An entry/exit terminal that provides useful information to the driver.
      • Payment station for paying for parking.
      • Central software.

      Advantages of “Entringo” ticketless parking:

      • Automated number recognition.
      • Easy and fast user experience.
      • No additional costs for lost or damaged tickets.
      • Scalability from small car parks to multi-car parks and centralized cloud systems.
      • Elegant and modern equipment design.
      • Security and protection – full control over entry and exit of cars.
      • Reduction of operating costs thanks to automation.

      Fields of application


      Parking management software is easy to use and reliable. The system offers access and payment management capabilities, as well as reports, statistics and other functions that facilitate parking management.

      Paid parking:

      Thanks to automatic number plate recognition, the parking fee is calculated automatically based on the time spent in the parking lot. The driver can pay directly at the payment station or receive a monthly bill based on the contract.

      Office parking/ Private parking:

      Entringo offers contract-based parking management specifically designed for office building parking lots. Individual conditions can be configured for each tenant using the parking lot.

      Control of access to the territory (private sector, enterprises):

      The system can also be used for access control only, allowing easy control of vehicles with/without permission to enter the area.

      • License plate-based access.
      • Access recognition (by zones or time).
      • Blacklist.
      • Additional requirements may be developed and adapted.
      • Guest access.
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        Прорахунок Enringo

        The parking terminal can be used both for entering and exiting the parking lot

        Barrier for parking

        Parking payment terminal

        Vehicle number recognition camera

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