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    • Installation of SpeedStile FP automatic turnstile

      In March 2014, HaSl installed a new parking system in the Novus hypermarket at ave. Red Star 4-D. This is the first fully automated parking system in Ukraine.

      The new parking system consists of a series of Amano Xparc terminals for entry, exit, barriers with car detection, automatic payment and other innovative options.

      This solution significantly increases customer satisfaction when using a parking solution, as it is simple and convenient.

      Amano terminals accept banknotes and coins for automatic payment. In addition to receiving cash, the car issues a deposit.

      Payment terminals have a large LCD screen where customers can choose Ukrainian or English.

      Thin paper tickets have been replaced by better cardboard ones. Such tickets are easier to use and easier to find in your wallet, and such a ticket does not interfere with its use in the payment terminal.

      Our company sells, installs and maintains parking solutions from Amano in Ukraine. Amano has been developing parking equipment since 1974.

      The Xparc system is the latest progressive solution from Amano, which makes parking operations faster, more convenient and better, as all components of the system are designed for intensive use even in difficult weather conditions.