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    • Thoonsen anti-theft tags

      Since 2004, Thoonsen has specialized in anti-theft solutions for stores. Thanks to this experience, they develop, at the request of customers, highly effective means of protection against theft, adapted for large retailers of food products and specialized outlets.

      They work with major brands such as Carrefour, Auchan, E.Leclerc, Décathlon, Galeries Lafayette. And also with distributors who sell Thoonsen anti-theft sensors internationally. Our company is the official representative of Thoonsen in Ukraine.
      Anti-theft accessories have proven their value in protecting goods and combating shoplifting. They are protected by European and world patents.

      Thoonsen offers protection that is easy to use, quick to remove and, above all, effective in detecting theft.

      According to a recent study, 73% of EAS sensors are the most effective type of anti-theft tag than visual sensors. Sensors (tags) can be briefly divided into the following categories: radio frequency (RF) or acoustomagnets (AM). The difference is in the frequency with which the labels and the antenna work.

      There are sensors that respond when a thief tries to remove them. Thoonsen has developed a sensor that emits sound when you try to remove it (PADLOCK TAG 2 Alarms).

      Clothing tags consist of three key elements: a label (which contains the receiver in the case of EAS), a pin (which passes through the garment) and / or a locking mechanism (which locks the pin in place).

      There are two widely used types of locking mechanisms: magnetic and mechanical, with magnetic labels, available options from standard to SuperLock, HyperLock.

      Some of the most common forms for clothing chips include alligator chips that have loops, pencil chips that are long and thin, square balls and round or shells. In terms of security, shell chips are the form that is considered the most difficult to open and illegally remove.

      Here are some visual examples of clothing chips


      Tags for accessories

      Whether it’s shoes, a handbag or jewelry, there are a number of options when it comes to securing accessories with protective sensors.

      The most popular options include a metal cable and a sensor for laces.

      They use strong cables, ties or laces, attach a protective sensor to the accessory. These cables and laces often contain materials that are resistant to cutting, and the lace or cable can be fixed in the sensor locking mechanism.

      Bottle tags

      One of the most frequently targeted items for theft is liquor bottles, with the Global Retail Theft Barometer noting spirits are often easy to conceal and can be resold at a high value.

      In fact, wines and spirits are the number one food item targeted by shoplifters globally.

      Especially popular are tags that does not allow to open and drink in stores.

      Quick Can sensor series, new patented anti-theft protection for aluminum beverage cans.

      Optical tags

      For retailers of eyeglasses and sunglasses, merchandise security is a must. Classed as a fashion accessory, sunglasses sit in the second most commonly targeted theft category for the apparel and accessory sector.

      Security Labels

      Thoonsen has security labels for a wide variety of uses in retail. Plain or barcoded in multiple sizes. Easy to apply with strong adhesives and good reliable detection.

      Round tags

      In addition, there is a wide range of round tags( from 25 мм to 135 мм). For storage of various types of goods packed in round jars or forms.


      Universal, simple and high quality tags

       the Croco Tag will be detected thanks to a 38 mm diameter ferrite, even when hidden in a metal bag.


        The Spider Net sensor provides enhanced protection for your products and prevents the opening of the package, prevents thieves from removing the product or individual parts of the product from the package.

      Thoonsen also has powerful and compact deactivators and detachers


      and a universal mobile security detector that allows you to scan visitors’ bags without opening them and detecting taged prodycts on a person.