HiSec is a security product in the Gunnebo Turnstiles offering. The HiSec2 6 SP has a transparent and elegant design offering a choice of security levels preventing
tailgating and piggybacking. The double leaves set, allows for an increased trough put

The doors are always locked shut in the rest position. An authorised signal opens the first door allowing the user to step into the booth where a presence is detected. When
the first door is closed, the second door opens, thus allowing the user to pass through. The second door shuts after the unit has been vacated which also resets the system.

The HiSec detects with an electronic ultrasound sensor if more than one person is present inside the booth. The booth is set with a predetermined, but adjustable antihostage threshold. As an authorised user stands in the booth, it confirms acceptance of the occupant and
authorises the door to close. Should the measured volume presence not be authorised, i.e. more than one person is present non-permitted big additional baggage, a vocal synthesiser will ask the occupants to leave the booth. An additional left object sensor is able to detect on the
floor the presence of an object of the size of 50x50x30mm.

The HiSec is equipped with a electronic safety features that reverses the motor to re-open the door upon detection of an obstruction. The door fully opens to allow the obstruction to be removed after which it attempts to re-close.

Technical Specifications
Motorised security booth that is connected to a ratio motor
operated by a direct current engine with regulated speed.
Electronic frame along the profiles and safety torque

Structure: Embossed painted steel section powder coated
finish RAL color 9006
Glass: Lite: 11/12 mm laminate Safety Glass P4A BR1/S (in accordance with EN356-EN1063) – Safety Manifestation on moving glass doors
Bullet proof: 26/27 mm laminate Safety Glass P6B BR3/S (in accordance with EN356-EN1063) – Safety Manifestation on moving glass doors
Ceiling: Laminated HPL finished Pearl Grey

Base Plate: High-strength laminate with finishing in colour Plumb Grey

Sliding door: Printed frame in polyethylene terephthalate RAL 7040

A low voltage light is positioned internally on the ceiling.

The HiSec booth is equipped with a ultrasound system which determines if more than one person is present inside the booth.

Power Failure / Fire Alarm
In the event of a power failure, isolation or after the BBU has been depleted, the outer, un-secure door will fail safe, i.e. unlocked and can be manually pushed open. The inner, secure door will fail lock and is held in place via a lever system situated behind a locked panel above the door on the secure side of the installation. The inner door can be manually opened by rotating a knob located behind the lockable service panel in the top mechanism section of the booth.

• HS6L SP 12 mm glass
• HS6LM SP 12 mm glass, metal detector

Metal detector
Alternative finishes
Demountable version kit
Horizontal transportation kit
Fail safe opening
Left object sensor
Contact mat
Weighting Sensing Upgrade
BR2 / BR3 / BR4 – EN1063
RC2 / RC3 – EN1627

• Premium high speed passage solution
• Elegant design
• Reliable performance
• No architectural browser ”base only 20mm”