The PIX-200 stamp watch is a multifunctional electronic stamp watch that meets the needs of a modern enterprise.

The PIX-200 stamp watch has a wide range of characteristics and additional options. This watch is perfect for both simple registration of working hours and for more complex tasks. functions:

• Time synchronization by radio

• Automatic transition to winter / summer time

• Large digital display

• 4-digit PIN for security

• Battery to store memory and settings

• 31 print formats: Print format of the year (2 or 4 characters), month, date, time (12 hour format or 0-23 hour time format), minutes (regular, tenth, hundredth), seconds, 8-digit number and comments

• 13 selected comments (Received, sent, etc.)

• Printout of comments (up to 3 lines)

• Serial numbering with automatic reset function

• Adjust the print position

• Top button for manual printing

Additional options:

• Full power reserve (72 hours or 400 perforations)

• External alarm devices, 20-week programs

• Ethernet LAN synchronization with NTP server

• USB port for programming

Easy to use:

• Highlighted print window to improve print efficiency

• Password prevents accidental change of settings and unauthorized adjustment of data in the fingerprint

• Lock on the housing prevents unauthorized access

• Accurate real-time clock synchronization with atomic time function

• Easy cartridge replacement saves time

• Possibility to install a stamp-clock, both on a wall, and on a table Technical characteristics

• Dot matrix printing

• Supply voltage 100/120/230 V AC 50/60 Hz

• Permissible ambient temperature From -10 ° C to + 45 ° C

• Permissible humidity 10% ~ 90% (without condensation)

• Dimensions (H x W x D) 163 x 159 x171 mm

• Weight (without additional battery, adapter) 2.2 kg

• Independent memory 3 years of appointment

Car services (registration and time accounting of workers)

Construction companies (accounting and time registration at facilities)

Transport companies (on waybills)

When keeping records of visits to various institutions (on the patient’s card)

In beauty salons

In various government agencies (schools, kindergartens, etc.)

Cartridges for this model are also available

Delivery across Kiev and Ukraine – free of charge.