A double-door safe for secure cash transfers based on the Millium range. Its modular design allows it to adapt to all types of installation constraints.



  • A2P certification as per EN 1143-1 (grade ll/E).


  • EN 1143-1 certification eguivalence for models in grades l/E, lll/E and IV/E.
  • MxB key lock.
  • Variable Lagarde lock on the external door (optional).
  • Integrated seismic and electronic alarms.
  • Anchorage kit supplied for models below 1,000kg (as mandated per EN 1143-1).



  • Metal pedestal (adjustable in height).
  • Façade with or without protected trap door (in compliance with CIT regulations).

Optional positioning of hinges: right side (PDI) or left side (PCI).


Interior capacity (litres) 140
Exterior height (mm) 615
Exterior width (mm) 555
Exterior depth* (mm) 827
Weight (kg)
Grade I 364
Grade II 391
Grade III 409
Grade IV 456